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just a day aater a man - muuder at the inner harbor .... the victimssexx-ife happened. 3 3 33:07 "i want him to spend the rest f his life in prison." prison."how she's coping almost a week after the crime! 3 3 &p 3 an uncommon sight in india .... more thaa 33 people are & others hurt in a train crash. what oold be to blame and why &pphis is so unusuallffo tte coontry. 3 &pp3&p aa year ood boyy.....falls father atttmps to rescue hhm, onny to get stuckkhimmelf. -3 himself. ""t's amaziig what you can o 3 is trapped in a wwll, &pscreaming and cryinn or your naae" &pname" how the pair were both brought tt safety! -3
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3 i'' jennifer gilbertfriends and famiiy of the 4-th of juus justice.joe alo was visiting from alabama when police say someone ssashed his thrrat att he fireworks display doww at the inner harbor.melindaa rooder just spoke with his girlfriend about the ase against calo's accused killee. 3 pindssy reilly sayssshe's -&psomewhat relieves to ear the - man accused f killing her boyfrieed has turned himself in. now, she wants justice por himm.. and heir baby &pgirl... who will now grow up wittout a fatter. father. 3 26:00 "it's na relief that someoneeelse's family." a young familyy.. torn apart... through violence. lindsey reilll describes calo as a good father whoodidd't deserve during a fight attthe inner habbor. the suupect as & surrendered to police. marccss harris' attorney claiis it was all in self defensee(ffom
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myranna pkg) "mr harris haa -3 done noithing but cry... ever his inttntioo.".... a laim lindsey will never beliivee 27:27 "in self-defense, even kind of sslf--effnse is ttat?? she questions oo... why it took so long for harris to & ccoe forrard... which hh did only aater sseiig hii picture &pon t-v... aa the suspeet.30:07 "i want him toospend the rest of his liie in prison." &pmmrcus haaris' attornny has & told the mmdiaahe hassno previous record. but ourt dooummnns show ssveral arrests por dealing drrgs....handgun vvolations... and aasauut. pelinda roeeer, fox 45 nnww at ten.. 3 police are asking for your help tonight after anooter violeet weekenddin baltimore leaves investigators searching for answers ... &p3 in nortteass baatimore ... 33 looking into a deaaly sttbbing on gorsush avenue. police say 46--yer-old richard mills was
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foond arounn :30 this morning inside a picc-up truck - dded at the hoopital. p3 plso in nortteast baltimore, a - 22-year-olddman is ead aater a shooting on lester morton court.shott raag out aroond - 2:30 this orning, killing jerel mccadden. there are no 3 -3 3 and n south ast baltimore .....homiciieedettctives are &pinvesttgating the death of a woman found oo bellord avenue. police sy he woman was fouud just afttr 11 this morning. no &pother detaals re available at this time, but if you haven any information on any of these crimes is urged too - contract police. 3 new details on friday's deadly crash in wooolawn. thee 3 catonsville was kiileddfriday pwhen she as run ovee by a struck jjss before 9930 friday night as she was attempttng to crosssroute 0. so far, the driver of the 3 3
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a week laaer, ballimore ccunty police and fire are still tryinggto figure ouu who's responnible for setttng 8 &firrs inn edgemere..janice - park tells us, rssn investigators are looking into whether ttese firessaae connected to foorrothers ince april. 3 3 repairing his apprtment... &p3 and the two oohers he owns.... police try to & quickly-- 7 other iress-- aal within a few blocks: "pow, him up... up..."i said you got to get out, the building's on fire" sakowski along with 6 others 3children:"when you haae 100 month ood son and a 1 year oldd son theer totally helpless" -3 while on theephonn with 911...he was shockee to see otheer ires next door were also burningg-- twoosheds behind this usiness: business:"this it was a random senseless aat of stuuidity or insanityy or both"as a esuut... -3 result...pooice presence as
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incceasedd n the neighborhood. -3 neighborhood..balliiore ounty police are tryingg o see ii &pthere's a coonection between thh 8 fires early ssnday morning and 4 other ffres that have hht this area since april" the ooher arronssinnlude 3 ffmilyydriveways. boom and come ouusiie and his van waa onnfire"3 family of 8...whhse frd windstar and kia sorrento were arson:""t's just sick someonn is going aroond burning ssuuf with no regard for hhman life" -3 making some ppoope in this &pwill be next: 3 i have anger towards hem, it was a mean sppritee thing to dd" & do""it's aalittle unsettting -33 baltimore ounty firr investigators say the four- 3 hotel in catonsville began inn a ocked storage room.the ire brrke out in the seventhhfloor -
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storage room of the hotel 3 pike just efore 8:15 last night. 120 ggests were evacuaaed from theeburring -3 puilding aaddreeocateddto nearby hotels.manyysay they perr scaaed by all the chaos that rrupted. 3 " some doon" down" twoopeople were taken to areaa hospitals to be treated for minor smoke iihalation. a &pfirefighttr was also tteaaed 3 injuries. -3 3 when it comes to news in your neighborhood... see can uplood photos and videess to oor website. go to foxbalttmore dot coo and clicc on the "see ii,,shoot it,,ssnd it icon. you can also send photos directll from your 3 foxbbltimore dot com.. pif you were driving along the - i-95 might have seenna mysterious low-flying pircraft buzzing was &ppaat of a nasa experiment aimed at helpinn to immrove
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thh air we breathe.the job off -3 pnsa's four-engine p-33 tuuro-propp to meessre air quality.scienttsts and ssudentssfrom eest coast schhols tracked the plane'ss 3 with nasaaon deeecttng levels oo ozone nd other pollutaats in the atmosphhre. - 3 3 we're able toommnitor allo the atmospheree we areeable to &plaunch baaloonssto provide us pnformatiin on profiles off relattve umidity, off ozone. today's ozonn levels were the code yellow zones..headed towarddorange, & prrblees shoull limit proolngeddouudoor exertiin. sttdy will help improve tth ability oo saaellites to -3 detect ollutiin near thh predict and control iit - & pnd it's back to work tomorrow .... let's check in with cheii &ppeterologist vytas reid with a look at hha you can eepeet as -3 you head out the door. vvtas?
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& 3 a group of sspporters turnedd out in dundall for maryland's first "special needs adaptive dance showcase". poday a ggoup of talented performers put oo their daacing hoee for "mission
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school and center for the & arts.. the recital showccsed a variety of talents from pre- say hhy are ery prouddof show casinn abillties.... phows how outstandinggtheyy pealll are" &pare" 3 ooganizers say tey will hold two ecitials this year... in december they ppannee to peform the nutcracker. 3 a histooic day for the shuttle atlantis as it ocks for thee last time..what nasa crews re &&pcclebrattng as it heads to & retiiement.. p deadline drrmm..awmakers in wassiiggon scuury to find a & last minute comprooise to keep & te bills paad....assthe clock is tickiig. 3 .....i didn't eel comfortable wiihhhhm here. s i felt good when we stopped & the planeeand got oof." 3 3 trooble on board.wwat one man ddd to ffoce he emergency landinggof an aiiliner.....and hoo it got the acation for
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turbulent start. alk about a runner's 3 compeeing in a daring race... and how far they're sprinting
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3 drama in washington as
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3 ggesscloser... pressdent - obama and top lawmakees now working to come up ith some kind of buddet agrrement -- & as fox news ccrreepondenn doug mckelway explaiis..... it's all tt llow ttem o raise the amount oo money oor 3 borrow... 33 democrats saa the 3 pbeause repuulicann refused to increase taxes on the ealthy. mcconnell says: weehave 9.2 percent unemployment. their taxes. mean my goodness, who thinks thatt - the presidentt dddn't thhnk that wws a good ideaain ddcemmer. why o thee & think it's a good ideaanow?? republicans poonned to he 3 refusing to make ny sociaa ecurity. t left both parties dug in, with sunday night talks sllteddtoo &ptake place at thh white house certaiily see a pathway forwwrd if we caa get out of the paradigm we're in rightt --3 now. if you notice what'' beenn said, we're i the age oldd & battle of should we raise paxes n the rrch or should we - cut spending ttat hells thee &ppoor. those politics work 3 pwrk welllfor a solutionn"
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- despite last nights breek down, the white hoose was said to e sticking to thh ambbtioussgoaaloff4 trillioo in cuts overrten years.daley says: "theepresident is still very committed to solvvng this peffcittprobbem for tte future of america. he's looking forward to the meeeiig tonight to lay out nce again hiss may signaa the difficultt future ahead. theegang pf ssx taaks reporttdlyybroke down over tax hikes, just as & did the talks headed vice president jje biden. yet key democrats were hinting & t t morr of the samm today. becerra sayy: "tte american &ppublic gets that there are some folks, illionaires, who haven'ttbeen paying their faar - painn no gain." so, the debt ceiling taaks tonight's bi-parttsan &pgathering at the whitt house & debt ceiling clock ticking closer and closer to the -3 august 2ndddeadline. & 3 p defenseeseccetaay leon overseas trip siice being appointed to theenew jjb. panetta, visiting witt u-s trropssin afghanistan....
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-3 offering a very optimistic 3 and the ttliban. his upbeat assessmenttccmes.... as afghanistan prepares for the drawdown of u-s troops - beginning this summer. 10-thouuaad are due to llave this year, and annther 233 3 the country is preppring o & pay goodbyy to former first lady betty ford. ford.mrs. ford died on friday -3& at he age of 3.there will be punerallservices in sootherr statt of michigan. former -3 firrt lady rosalynn carter aad lynne chenny, wiil bee mong those givinggeulogies. betty forr is remmmmered not only president gerald ford, butt & allo foo fouuding an addiction treatment center thattcamee about because of her oww struggles wiih addictionnshe was also an advocate of women's rightss...and the fight agaiist breast cancer. 3 "my heart waa down there 3 think"a daring rescue.... a pather races to saae is young
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son who fell 40 feet down a & well .... then the dad llnds 3 pair maaagee to get outt 3 3-&pand ...passengees forced to rescheduue thhir vacation affer an unruly maa forccs authoritiess o ground theii flight. whht the man ws doing that caused the f-b-i to get invoovedd 3 3
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3 ann emotional ddy ffr - the u-s space program -- the space shuttle atlantis dockk at the nternationnl space
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nasa and the atlantis pastronauts celebrating a so- mission..... whhle mourning the end of the 0-year ""iscovery" ann "endeevor" , museum. 3 3 &p 3
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3 in portland, regon....ppeple gathered forrthe first & superhero pub crawl. prawllhere you see some of the & people who were innon thh -33 fun.... ncluding super girl, and a former ppesidentiall hopeful ... the supeeheroes spent tteeday hopppng from bar- to-baa. hey alsooheldda few costume contests. thankfulll, -3&pno suuer villain aatempted o take overrthe wwrll last night. &p 3 deadll delivery..he dangerous this truck driver.... toocrash &pright into a grocery store. -&p3 & 3& a bbazing inferno.whattwas inssde this plant.... thatt fueled uch a deetructive & firr.... cominn up n fox45 - news at ten.
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3 an uuruly passenggrrhaltedd travee planssfor hundreds of peopleethis weekend.. 3 here yyu see hoss people staading in liie at a united 3 yesterday rescheduling their trip to ggrmany. the problems ssarted when a man haddto be -3 subdued ffr causing problems & on a pplnee... first he -3 refussddto exit a bathroom. and thhn, witnesses ay, he starttd to shove aa lighh 3 what appened. & 3 "i was actuaaly sitting riiht & next to them, but i was in the &pwindow seat, hh got upp
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iimeeiately to assist the actually very impressiie,,i don't thhnk therr as really &pwasn't scaaedd it wassok....itt -33 waa juss.....iididn't feel comfoottble with him there. so i felt good when we stopped the ppane and got off." 3 pilots then made an emeegenny landing in cleveland, which is & inno ussodd. thh rest of tte passengers were taken back to - chicaao oo saturday morning. 3&pto ohio noww where aa father sprang intt aation when his three-year old son feel 0 peet into a ell.....but the - father, got stuck himself. three-yeer-old dyllan dropped intt the well, when the rotting plywood on top gave -3 wayyas he jummed onnit..that's whhn his fatter decided to cllmb the slippery rocks o ppll the boy tt the laadee on and son we're sstck. & 3 "" just ttld him tt calm own, told him ii's going to bb all right, -3 3 3 fireeighters eventualll
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safety. & 3 in michigan ... a delivery pruck ddiver ii dead tonight &p... afttr ccassing into a & grooery store yesterday. the driver was on his way to - deliver a shiiment of soda, 3 car, forccig hii off of thh highway.. the truckkshot through the back - wall at the grocery store and -&psent a worker flying everal feet in the word on the & condition of the worker. &p investigators are intervvewing several other people believed o be involved in the craahh 3 to north carolina now where a ferrilizer pllnt is destroyed aater it caught fire late friday night...ttis is inn evacuateeas crews baatle the - flamee. the building wws completely egulfed in flames when fireffghters arrived it could be a few days deeermmne a cause. 3 aatrain wreek ii india kills & at least 31 people.more than a hundred are injured. - happened ineastern 3 engiieers aree -&pusing helicoppers to transport
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the seriously injured to hospitalss it's not yet clear what causeddtte derailment, but there are reports the driver diddput on the emergeecy brakes. - acciients aren'ttunusual on - maintenance and humanneeror take the blame foo most of the - acciddntss 33 3- 3 ttey're strapping on their best stileetos and hitting the these darrig women dashhd in fancy footware!
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pussia's fashion-forwwrd pladdes are bringing a new 3 3 hundredssoo spectators
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cheered as compptitors took on hundred-meter sprints in &ptowering stilettos. some ladies even giving hhmselves footweaa in place. - although a few contestants ssffered spills, no injuries have beennreporred. this was &pthe fifth yeaa of the high heel race. 3 33 3 that'ssall for fox45 news at ten... up nnxt bruce ccnningham ad mooran adsit have all the days scores and highlights in sports & uulimited... bruce and -&pmorgan... &p3 .comiig up ttnight on sports games of the yyar... or should i say matches of the year... uus-a and brazillin the women's world cup... 3 you will not see a more 3& ssort... a ppnalty kick &pfinnsh....filled with cootroversy... & 33 3 they fought onnfriiay nnght... pottwarnee last night... 3&ptoday... what's in the waaer -3 in bosson???... see why booh maanaers got an early exii....- exit... pacman jones in the news again.... for all the wrong reaaons... whht h did &pthhs time that landed himmin -&pthe slammer. slammer.and we're doing the
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plays f the week a aay early... from the sensational... to the inconceivable...i hope you 3 unlimited starts after this
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